Players Online


An S4 League Private server

Welcome to S4MAX! A mod project for the third person shooter S4 League that strives to improve the core game. We do modifications as well as create completely new content. Our team works hard to give our ever growing community the best gameplay possible.

  • No pay-to-win cash shop
  • No donations
  • Just the game

Stop by the discord to chat with other players or if for whatever reason you need assistance getting set up. Should be noted that we are primarily a US/EU community, but welcome players from other countries. We hope you enjoy our server!


Special thanks, to those mentioned below.

  • Wtfblub - Creating and open sourcing the server source code we use as a base, netsphere pirates.
  • FreeDenny - For helping to fix our custom animation biped problem.
  • Serene - Content production contribution and our main art guy.
  • Sunaru - Content production contribution.
  • CC - Client & server + P2P
  • Wizzardo - Helping to improve and fix the server source.
  • Rygaran - Community content contribution.
  • Striker-X - For contributing the new project trailer. Thanks a bunch!
  • Shanzenos - Community content contribution & former project lead.