What is S4MAX?
A private server for the third person shooter S4 League. Our goal is to run a server that’s as close to classic s4 as possible with the cash shop influence removed entirely. Additionally, we release custom content such as maps, clothing and weapons. Our team consist of only a few members, so our updates can sometimes take longer than one would like. We appreciate the patience from the players that have stuck by us since the beginning. We’ve been live since October 2016.


Where is the server located?
East Coast of North America. And in case you’re wondering, location of the server will not affect your ping good or bad.


Where can I download the game?
We have a download button right above this along with a mirror. Primary host is with Mega and the mirror is with gdrive. Use whichever is fastest for you.


How do I register?
Our server uses an auto register system. Once the game is downloaded, launch the client and enter a username and password on the login screen. Once that’s done it will generate an account for you and you’re good to go.


Is there custom content in this server?
Yes. As I said above, we’ve released custom maps, clothing and weapons. Maps such as Ziggurat, Cyberion originated here thanks to some talented contributors. However at this time with the recent release of our S8 client we've not added all of our custom stuff back in.


Is there support for other operating systems such as Linux or Mac?
Officially, no. We do however have some players who have had success running our client through virtual machines and/or some combination of custom launchers.


Where is X mode?
Any mode deemed unstable or in not functioning status has been disabled. If we get a solution for those modes in the future we will of course add them back into our client for the sake of variety. Practice mode has been disabled, however you can still create solo rooms by selecting the friendly mode toggle box.


Can I get my username changed/password reset?
No. Because we use the autoregister system to generate accounts we have no way to verify whether an account belongs to you or not. So officially we’re not doing password resets. Please keep your credentials safe, otherwise all you can do is create another account.


My client/launcher won’t work!
If you are running an antivirus program, be sure to whitelist your game folder. Aggressive AVs such as Avira have had a history of quarantining important files that will prevent it from launching properly. Also I shouldn’t have to say this, but make sure you’re not trying to run the game directly from the zip. DO NOT USE WINRAR ON THE ZIP. It corrupts the game files for some reason. If those solutions still don't work, feel free to drop your question in our #tech-support channel on discord.


The resolution of my game is bigger than the screen! I can't click buttons because it's too zoomed in!
Try deleting the s4_UserData.s4 file in your client. Our initial release of this client may have included a larger resolution than some player’s monitors can support, so a portion of the game can appear cut off or have buttons that are inaccessible. That will be fixed in future releases.


Why did you change/remove X? It makes the game more competitive!
The end all be all answer to this question is I want to do what’s best for S4 without throwing my own or any single person’s bias in there. If a feature is removed, then it’s gone through much discussion within staff and the community. If you feel it makes the game feel less competitive, I highly recommend checking out a different private server.


I’d like to donate to this server. How can I do that?
I appreciate the thought, but this project is entirely funded by myself. I have been part of many s4 related projects in the past that have gone under because a mix of drama, mismanagement and lack of funds. S4 League is very very cheap to host, so don’t worry that it’s breaking the bank. If you enjoy the game, please tell your friends and get the word out about the place. That goes way further than any donation ever could.